Terms and Conditions

The rental Contract between the Owners (the owners of Crockerton Lodge) and the Hirer (the Holiday Let guests) is subject to the following terms and conditions

  1. Contract - the Contract will apply once the required deposit payment has been received by the Owners or on agreement by the Owners, in their sole discretion, of alternative arrangements. 
  2. Payment - a deposit of £100 is payable on each booking with the remaining balance due 4 weeks prior to letting commencement. Payment for any booking made within 5 weeks of letting commencement will be required in full at the time of booking. Bookings will be confirmed in writing by the Owners. Payments can be made by cheque or by BACS transfer. Bank details will be provided by email or telephone. The Owners will have the right to cancel a booking should any remaining balance be unpaid when due. The Owners will have the right to agree, in their sole discretion, alternative deposit and payment arrangements.
  3. Cancellation by Hirer - Any deposit paid is non-returnable should the Hirer cancel the booking. Any remaining balance paid by the Hirer will be refunded if either (a) the cancellation is made at least 5 weeks prior to commencement of the letting, or (b) if the Owners re-let the accommodation (subject to any rental price adjustment). 
  4. Cancellation or amendment by Owners - Should the Owners need to cancel or vary the booking, then confirmation will be provided to the Hirer as soon as possible and any sums paid (including the deposit) will be refunded to the Hirer. Following this the Owners will have no further liability to the Hirer for whatever reason.
  5. Handover Times - the booking period will be as agreed and as confirmed by the Owners in writing, with availability of the Lodge to the Hirer being from 3pm on the first day of letting. The Lodge must be vacated by the Hirer and all party members by 10am on the day of departure. The Hirer will be liable for any costs or losses of the Owners caused by delayed departure.
  6. Keys - Keys will be made available to the Hirer by the Owners (or their representative), on site or as otherwise agreed and confirmed by the Owners. On departure the Hirer is required to lock up the Lodge (all external doors and windows) and deposit the door keys in the letter box of Broadmead House, if the owner has not arranged an alternative physical handover.
  7. Security - During the period of letting the Hirer must ensure that the external doors and windows of the Lodge are kept locked up at all times when not in occupation. If requested by the Owners, the Hirer will keep the electrically controlled drive gate closed when not in use, using the remote control provided.
  8. Condition & Damage - The Lodge and its contents will be provided in a clean and serviceable condition and the Hirer will be required to maintain this condition throughout and on vacating the Lodge. On letting commencement the Hirer should inspect the property and report any faults or damaged items to the Owners. The Hirer will be liable to the Owners for any loss, costs or expenses arising from damage or loss caused by the actions of the Hirer or any one in the Hirer’s party (fair wear and tear excluded). This liability will include any additional and unexpected cleaning costs the Owners incurs.
  9. Refuse - The Hirer will be required to bag up all rubbish and leave this within the exterior bins provided.
  10. Termination of Letting - The Owners will have the right to terminate the letting and recover possession of the Lodge should, in the sole opinion of the Owners, the Hirer or any party member be in breach of these terms and conditions. In such circumstances any rental paid by the Hirer will not be subject to repayment.
  11. Adjoining House and Shared Access - Access to the Lodge is down the private drive and over a gravelled parking area used by and shared with the owners house, Broadmead House. The Hirer agrees to access the Lodge over these shared areas in a safe, considerate, quiet and timely manner. The Hirer will only use these common areas for access and will at all times park their car(s) within the dedicated parking spaces made available to the Lodge. In addition the Hirer and all party members will only use the outside space dedicated to the Lodge and will not encroach on the adjacent garden and outbuildings used by Broadmead House or on Broadmead House itself. 
  12. Privacy - The Hirer and Owners will respect each others privacy, subject to (a) the Hirer and party members appreciating that the Owners house and outbuildings are located reasonably close (c12 metres and c10 metres respectively) to the Lodge, and (b) paragraph 18 below.
  13. Use of Lodge by Hirer - The Lodge shall only be used for holiday purposes and the full names of all members of the Hirer’s party must be confirmed at the time of booking. No other guests will be allowed to stay in or visit the lodge without the Owners provide written approval. The Lodge will only accommodate a maximum number of  4 people, including any children. 
  14. Liability of main Hirer - The main Hirer who contracts with the Owners (by way of the confirmed booking arrangements made with the Owners) will be liable to the Owners for all and any actions of themselves and for any other members of their party using the Lodge. The Owners will have the right to refuse access to any Hirer or any party member if they are considered unsuitable by the Owners. The main Hirer must be aged 18 or older.
  15. Pets - Pets cannot be accommodated.
  16. Liability - The Owners will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the Lodge maintains good standards and is reasonably available in accordance with marketing descriptions. However the Owners will have no liability or responsibility for factors beyond their reasonable control, or indeed for any loss, injury, sickness, cost, expense or inconvenience arising from, or caused directly or indirectly from the Hirer’s use of the property or its condition including the contents within (whether owned by the Hirer or the Owners), or related to the plumbing and electrical systems, or related to weather conditions. The Owners will have no liability to the Hirer for any cars parked (or contents left within) at the property.
  17. Complaints Policy - Any complaints must be promptly reported to the Owners who will decide on any action to be taken exercising their reasonable judgement. Any liability accepted by the Owners will be limited up to a maximum sum equal to rental paid by the Hirer.
  18. Owners access to the Lodge - the Hirer shall allow the Owners or their representatives access to the Lodge at all times if reasonably required by the Owners or their representative to carry out routine maintenance or required action.
  19. Smoking - The Lodge is strictly non-smoking.
  20. Owners Website - whilst the Owners shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that any website information is reasonably fair and accurate, no liability will apply in regard to any misrepresentation or discrepancy.

January 2021